Executive Programs

​Understanding the critical role of risk management.

Cybersecurity within organizations is not just an IT department problem — it affects the entire organization. As leaders of your organization's, are you well equipped with the knowledge to lead a team through an intrusion?

USD equips leaders with new cybersecurity knowledge and skills to ensure their companies succeed through this cyber war by offering:

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Cyber Law, Risk & Policy Symposium

Passage and enforcement of the growing number of privacy and security laws like the California Consumer Privacy Act require lawyers to make informed decisions about “reasonable security measures,” and technologists to understand the legal risk for failing to implement and comply with such.  USD’s full-day Cyber Law, Risk & Policy Symposium explores this intersection of cyber and law.  During the symposium attorneys, industry leaders, executives, policy makers, board members, consultants and hybrid professionals will learn from thought leaders about the threats, challenges, strategies, technologies and solutions facing the global cyber arena.  Learn More and Register

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Cyber Webinar Series

The Cyber Law, Risk & Policy Symposium organizers host a series of webinars that explore the explosive and disruptive increase in cyber-attacks on businesses and the impact to our security ecosystem from the perspectives of attorneys, security professionals, investigators, insurance industry, IT, judges, law enforcement, and consumers. The four-part series will feature industry leaders sharing best practices on a range of topics designed to help organizations prepare for what’s next in cyber law and risk. Each webinar session consists of a 60-minute panel followed by a 30-minute interactive Q&A session.  Learn More and Register

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Customize Enterprise Programs

In an increasingly connected and digital world, a proactive cybersecurity strategy is a critical component for organizations.  USD’s Center for CyberSecurity Engineering and Technology holistically assists businesses, governments, law enforcement and private citizens to better prepare and respond to ever-changing cyber threats.  Contact us for information on tailored programs to address the unique needs of your organization.

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Cybersecurity Executive Program

The rapid evolution of digital technology has inevitably crept into every industry, academia, and governmental institutions, demonstrating a need for cybersecurity knowledge at every level of an organization. The Cybersecurity Executive Program is the first program of its kind to address the need for cybersecurity education for non-cyber executives. Developed in collaboration with the San Diego Law Enforcement Coordination Center (SD-LECC), City of San Diego Office of Homeland Security (OHS), the San Diego FBI Field Office, and InfraGard San Diego, and launched in 2017, the program’s curriculum ensures that non-cyber executives have a sufficient understanding of cybersecurity to make well-informed decisions in their fields. Each program runs for six consecutive Friday mornings from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. For more information about this program and possible future dates, please contact us at cybercenter@sandiego.edu

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Cybersecurity Mixer

Join a group of cyber professionals that include recruiting top cyber talent as one of their main priorities. This mixer will include an overview of the cybersecurity job market, emerging technologies, and how to best prepare for a future in cybersecurity to become a cybersecurity expert. Be prepared to learn how to best to position yourself for cyber positions, how to find out about cyber opportunities, and what the future of the cyber industry looks like in San Diego. Definitely, a cyber mixer not to miss!