CyberPrep Saturdays @ USD Winter 2021

CyberPrep Saturdays @ USD Online Winter 2021

Date:              January 16th - February 13th 
Time:              9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Fee:                $495 
Location:        Online Distance Learning Format
Registration:  REGISTER HERE

What is the CyberPrep Saturdays @ USD Online Program? 

The CyberPrep Saturdays @ USD is a five Saturdays-long cybersecurity training program focused on teaching the technical aspects of cybersecurity including core concepts in a fun and unique hands on way that includes; the latest animated coursework, building your own VM, and securing your own home technologies. The program is designed to prepare students for a college or career pathway in cybersecurity. 
Online Program Features

  • Online ZOOM lectures and animated coursework through our Canvas LMS.
  • Formal instruction from USD faculty and industry experts.
  • Virtual hands-on experience with the latest cybersecurity tools.
Online Program Topics
Jan-16: Virtual Machines - Cybersecurity Principles  - Linux Basics - Linux Opps - Website Intro
Jan-23: Networking - Network Mapping- Threats & Exploits- Vulnerability Scanning
Jan-30: Cryptography & Access - Cyber Attack - Reconnaissance Tools - Metasploit Framework
Feb-6: Password Cracking - Website,DB,Cloud - Wireshark - Privilege Escalation
Feb-13: Compliance Hardening - IDS/IPS Audit - Incident Response/Forensics 
Tuitition includes professional instruction, Canvas LMS access, CATI aptitude assessment program, learning materials, USD certificate of completion and lab fees. 
Register before Thursday, December 10th, and enter discount code: 10CPS@USD for a 10% early registration discount. Register by pressing the registration link above and you will be taken to our program registration page and guided through the registration process. 
Optional Study Access: Website access, Certification and Career Development

Who is CyberPrep Saturdays @ USD Online Program for?

The objective of the program is to inspire a new generation of college and career-bound students into the emerging and critical cybersecurity field. The program is ideal for incoming college bound 10th, 11th and 12th graders interested in acquiring cybersecurity skills and exploring cybersecurity as a career goal.

Program Sponsors: ESET & California Army National Guard

Stay in touch and send us an email with your questions to or by phone at (619) 260-4564.