​​Center for CyberSecurity Engineering and Technology

Secure your future. Secure the world.

The University of San Diego's Center for CyberSecurity Engineering and Technology (CCSET) is a leading academic institution that provides opportunities for world-class education, research and community engagement to address critical threats to our nation's information systems. Despite best efforts, most people and organizations are not prepared to deal with the level of sophistication employed by cyber adversaries.

USD's Center for CyberSecurity Engineering and Technology holistically assists business, government, law enforcement and private citizens to better prepare and respond to highly trained adversaries who are responsible for billions in lost revenue each year; catastrophic disruptions in service; terrorism and activism; a dark web of criminal activity; and constant peril to critical infrastructure.

Did you know?

  • 3.5 million
    cybersecurity job openings by 2021
  • $6 trillion
    Cybercrime worldwide cost annually by 2021

Top Cybersecurity Jobs

  • #1 Information Security Analyst
  • #2 Lead Software Security Engineer
  • #3 Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
  • #4 Security Architect

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The Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering and Center for CyberSecurity Engineering and Technology is an interdisciplinary collaboration between academia, government and industry to provide a wide of range of student types with the appropriate cybersecurity education for their current needs. It is accomplished by providing a supportive instructional environment to challenge students with in-depth information, knowledge, skill-sets and hands-on applications that can be used in their organizations and contribute to securing our nation. USD's programs prepare high school students, degree students and/or professionals the capability to develop, manage and lead in an ever changing complex and global cybersecurity environment through engagement, research or educational opportunities.