If There is a Tsunami:

The following are guidelines for what you should do if a tsunami is likely in your area:

  • Turn on your radio/Watch local news to learn if there is a tsunami warning if an earthquake occurs and you are in a coastal area.
  • Move inland to higher ground immediately and stay there.  The University of San Diego is approximately 230ft (Source: USGS) above sea level and would be set up for those students living outside of the University that need to evacuate to higher ground.   
  • Stay away from the beach. Never go down to the beach to watch a tsunami come in. If you can see the wave you are too close to escape it.
  • CAUTION - If there is noticeable recession in water away from the shoreline this is nature's tsunami warning and it should be heeded. You should move away immediately and head inland to higher ground.

(Source: FEMA)

After a Tsunami:

The following are guidelines for the period following a tsunami:

  • Stay away from flooded and damaged areas until officials say it is safe to return.
  • Stay away from debris in the water; it may pose a safety hazard to boats and people.
  • Save yourself - not your possessions

(Source: FEMA)