Power Outage

If There is a Power Outage:

  • If evacuation of the building is necessary, exit via stairway, DO NOT USE ELEVATORS.
  • Seek and assist any disabled persons in evacuating the building.
  • Laboratory personnel should secure experiments or activities that may present a danger with the electrical power off or when it is restored unexpectedly.
  • Notify the lab instructor immediately and contact the Environmental Health and Safety Manager if a specific hazard exists call ext. 2226 or (619) 260-2226 or Public Safety at ext. 2222 or (619) 260-2222 after hours.
  • If there are special procedures you wish to be carried out in the event of a future power outage, make prior arrangements with the Environmental Health and Safety Manager.
  • When mechanical ventilation is interrupted, vapors or chemicals may reach hazardous concentration levels. To avoid this, use natural ventilation and clean up or put away chemicals and close containers. If this is not possible, respirators may be required.

Between 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Notify Facilities Management at ext. 4250 or (619) 260-4250. Phones may not be operating properly. If there is no answer, send a messenger to the Facilities Management Office.

After hours

Notify Public Safety at ext. 2222 or (619) 260-2222 or deliver a message to Public Safety in their office located in Hughes Center, Room 144.

In the Event People are trapped in an Elevator:

  • Tell the passengers to stay calm and that you will get help.
  • Call Public Safety at ext. 2222 or (619) 260-2222.
  • Try to keep the trapped passengers calm. Talk to them until help arrives.