First Aid

If Someone Needs First Aid:

In the event of a serious illness or injury on campus, immediately call Public Safety at ext. 2222 or (619) 260-2222.

If you notice any jewelry with an inscription of medical information, bring it to the dispatcher's attention. Give appropriate first aid until the Public Safety Officer arrives. DO NOT MOVE THE VICTIM UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.

See locations of all Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) on the USD campus.

Rescue Breathing

Check for unresponsiveness
  • Open airway (use head tilt/chin lift method)
  • Check for breathlessness (if none detected)
  • Give two full breaths
  • Maintain airway
  • Pinch nose shut
  • Inhale, and place your mouth over victim's
  • Exhale
  • Check for carotid pulse
  • Give one breath every five seconds

Heart Attack

  • Help victim to comfortable position
  • Give resuscitation or CPR as necessary
  • Keep victim comfortable, not hot or cold
  • Ask or look for emergency medical I.D.


  • Check victim's mouth and clear of foreign matter
  • Establish airway
  • If the victim is still choking, give six to ten abdominal thrusts

Fractures and Sprains

  • Keep victim still
  • Keep injured area immobile

Fainting, Unconsciousness and Shock

  • Have victim lie or sit down and rest
  • Keep victim comfortable, not hot or cold
  • Place victim on side if unconscious
  • Ask or look for emergency medical I.D.
  • Treat other injuries as necessary

Severe Bleeding and Wounds

  • Apply direct pressure on wounds
  • Use clean cloth or hand
  • Apply pressure to blood vessel if necessary
  • Elevate body part
  • Add more cloth if blood soaks through
  • Keep pressure on wound until help arrives

Poisoning and Overdose

  • If choking, tilt head
  • Determine what substance was involved and how taken
  • Stay with victim and assist as necessary