If There is an Explosion:

  • Immediately take cover under tables, desks or other such objects that will give protection against flying glass and debris.
  • After the effects of the explosion have subsided, call Public Safety at ext. 2222 or (619) 260-2222.
  • Try to establish what exploded, the extent of the damage and possible life-threatening hazards to determine your next course of action.
  • Take immediate action to ensure your safety and the safety of others. Evacuate according to your building plan if necessary; otherwise, remain in your place of cover. If necessary, activate the building alarm system.
  • Seek and assist any disabled persons in evacuating the building. Exit via stairway. DO NOT USE ELEVATORS.
  • If you evacuate, go to an area upwind from the explosion site to avoid possible toxic fumes. Once outside, move at least 150 feet away from the effected building. Keep roadways and walkways clear for emergency vehicles.
  • WAIT FOR INSTRUCTIONS from emergency personnel. DO NOT RE-ENTER THE BUILDING until instructed to do so by the Public Safety Department or other properly identified emergency personnel.