Academic Accommodations

Documentation Submission Procedure

  1. Contact the appropriate professional for a document on their letterhead including diagnosis and recommendations
  2. Submit documentation to USD via the email, fax, mail or in person
    1. Email:
    2. Fax: 619-260-4699
    3. Disability and Learning Difference Resource Center, Serra Hall 300, University of San Diego, San Diego CA 92110

New students

New students requesting accommodations should review our documentation requirements with their doctors/providers and have providers submit documentation as soon as students formally accept their offers to attend USD. Doing so will help provide us sufficient time to review documentation and to determine whether we will require any additional information for service eligibility. Furthermore, if you will require unique accommodations, such as accessible housing or sign language interpreters, the more advance notice you can provide, the better USD will be able to meet your needs.

Existing USD students who have not previously sought services

Existing USD student who many have not previously sought services may contact the DLDRC at any time for consultation. Please review our documentation requirements as accommodations or services can only be provided after documentation is approved and all DLDRC registration processes are completed. Note: Accommodations cannot be provided retroactively.

Registered DLDRC students

Registered DLDRC students are expected to pick up their memos from the DLDRC no later than the first two to three weeks of classes EACH SEMESTER. This will normally allow sufficient time to notify your course faculty and to facilitate acceptable accommodations before first exams or assignments are due. Students who do not submit disability verification memos in a timely fashion are not assured of receiving appropriate accommodations for upcoming exams/assignments. Please e-mail your course schedule to, when you have your schedule confirmed or bring it to the office located in Serra Hall, Room 300.

Any student who will require sign language interpreters or alternate media

Any student who will require sign language interpreters or alternate media are urged to contact the DLDRC as soon as possible before each term, as such accommodations can take a significant amount of time to arrange. Please bring verification of text book purchase as soon as possible. This will assist in receiving your books in a timely manner.

Transfer students

Please review our documentation requirements and then send your documentation to our office. You may also call 619-260-4655 for a consultation appointment. Approval of disability and provision of accommodation at a previous institution does not guarantee approval or the same services at another. It is important to submit an evaluation as documentation, not just a record of previous accommodations. Transfer students should contact the DLDRC in the same manner as new students.