Student Responsibilities

It is the student's responsibility to initiate the process through which services are provided by doing all the following:

  1. Self-identifying to the Disability and Learning Difference Resource Center (DLDRC) and obtaining the information necessary to request services.
  2. Providing the DLDRC with documentation that conforms to the department's Documentation Guidelines.
  3. If approved, students will be notified by the DLDRC. Students are responsible to respond to our notification of approval by scheduling an appointment to complete the registration process (an "Intake Appointment") in person with a DLDRC staff member. Students are fully registered only if they attend this appointment and follow the necessary procedures as outlined by staff.
  4. Completing the Authorization to Release Information form provided by the DLDRC (this form authorizes the Director to discuss your disability with other USD staff necessarily involved in determining your eligibility and deciding upon facilitating appropriate accommodations).
  5. The student is expected to send their course schedule to the DLDRC each semester, then pick up copies of the Verification of Disability memo from the DLDRC and present to his/her instructors in a timely way. Failure to do so could mean loss or delay of accommodations/services for individual classes and programs.
  6. Registered students must notify the appropriate DLDRC staff of any difficulties with accommodations in a timely way. Failure to do so may severely limit the degree and effectiveness of our interventions and assistance.
  7. Regardless of disability, all students must comply with the University's Student Code of Conduct. Adherence to and compliance with the Code of Conduct is considered a core requirement of ongoing enrollment at the University. Students with disabilities are subject to the same disciplinary policies, procedures and sanctions as non-disabled students.