Documentation Review Procedure

Overview: Disability Services reviews documentation provided by qualified, licensed professionals, in accordance with federal law and regulations to determine the eligibility of University of San Diego students to receive academic disability accommodations. The process outlined below will be followed by Disability Services staff to provide thorough, equitable and timely evaluations of disability documentation. The review process is intended to verify chronic disability and evaluate academic accommodations to assist students during their time at USD. It is not structured to respond to immediate student or parent concerns regarding impending course assignments or examinations. This process does not apply to requests for time-limited accommodations due to a temporary disability.

Review Committee: The Director of Disability Services will designate a review committee each academic year to review disability documentation. In special instances, the committee may consult with other professionals to obtain guidance, opinions and clarifications of issues raised by evaluations under review.

Review Timetable: Evaluations will be conducted with-in two weeks of submission.

Decisions: Documentation reviews will yield one of three possible outcomes: Full Approval, Request for Further Documentation, and Not Approved.

  • Full Approval will signify that all relevant documentation requirements have been met.
  • Request for Further Documentation will be made when documentation establishes a condition that could credibly merit accommodation, but fails to meet all of the University's documentation requirements. In rare circumstances, if it is deemed that the key documentation requirements have been addressed but relatively minor technical issues remain, the committee may opt to provide provisional approval to allow the student to access accommodations during the period that they are actively working to obtain the requested information.
  • A submission will be designated as Not Approved if it does not appear to establish a disability and does not meet documentation requirements.

Students will be notified by email of the committee's decision. Students wanting clarification of a decision and/or requesting an appeal should send a written request to the Director of Disability Services. To pursue the matter further or to register complaints, students should send a written statement to the Assistant Vice President of Wellness.