Psychiatric Disability

Guidelines to document a Psychiatric Disability:

To document a psychiatric disability we need:

  • A brief history of symptoms and dates of evaluation/treatment.
  • Diagnosis with DSM codes and the DSM-IV criteria used by the provider to diagnose the disorder.
  • A statement that the student has met diagnostic criteria for the condition within the last year.
  • A brief description of the challenges the student is likely to face in college (his/her functional limitations).
  • Recommended accommodations with a brief rationale, for example, "Please consider allowing the student 50% additional time on timed tests. This will serve to minimize the impact of the cognitive slowing attendant to this student's clinical depression." In this example, the accommodation is explicitly linked to a functional limitation for this student.
  • The provider's letter/report should be typed on her/his professional stationary with letterhead.