Adam Boocher, PhD

Adam Boocher
Phone: (619) 260-7447
Office: Saints Tekakwitha & Serra Hall 161

Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor, Mathematics

  • Adam Boocher, PhD
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics
  • Ph.D., 2013, University of California at Berkeley, Mathematics
  • B.S., 2008, University of Notre Dame, Mathematics

Adam Boocher joined the Mathematics Department at USD in 2018 after holding visiting positions at the University of Utah and the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Adam's research focuses on questions in commutative algebra and algebraic geometry that explore the symmetries hidden inside of algebraic equations. He has taught a variety of mathematics courses at USD and elsewhere and currently serves on the advisory council for the Liberal Studies Program and the Integrated Teacher Training Program.

Scholarly Work

Boocher's research focuses on the notion of symmetry in both algebra and geometry. Geometric symmetries often give rise to special relationships in algebraic equations and vice versa. Dr. Boocher's work has helped explain how certain algebraic invariants (called betti numbers) behave as the geometric object deforms and changes. Recently he's been working to understand how big (or small) these numbers can be. His work has been published in Journal of Algebra, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, Math Research Letters and other mathematical journals. He has directed undergraduate research projects and has published two papers with students. He is also an active developer of the Macaulay2 open source algebra software.

Areas of Interest

Dr. Boocher has taught a variety of mathematics courses including both introductory and advanced courses. He is particularly interested in developing inquiry-based activities to help students explore and learn new mathematical concepts. At USD and elsewhere he has designed these activities for courses in Analysis, Abstract Algebra for future teachers, Calculus, Linear Algebra and Representation Theory. Outside of mathematics, Adam enjoys trail running, playing the pipe organ, singing, rock climbing and playing competitive Scrabble.

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