Adam Veal, MFA

Adam Veal
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Office: Founders Hall 170D

Adjunct Lecturer of English

  • MFA, Brown University
  • BA, University of California, Davis

Adam Veal received his MFA in poetry from Brown University in 2010. His thesis work involved researching the degradation of plastics in ocean and shore ecologies, the Italian Futurists, and digital poetics. He has taught or assisted classes in Creative Writing, Literature of Robotics, Composition, and Thai Cooking. While he did grow up in San Diego, he spent quite a while away, and will happily begin any story with, ‘when I was a kid, all this used to be different’.

Scholarly Work

A significant amount of Adam’s thesis was published in Conjunctions Magazine. He has also had poems from a newer manuscript published in Lit Magazine. This recent work deals with themes of the weird and utopia, and places these themes in clashes between the ancient, the medieval, and the futuristic. The source material for this project included works on Prehistoric Art, Sir Leonard Woolley’s excavations of the tombs of Sumer, the Roman Empire’s effects on early Britain, and a study of contemporary science fiction.

Areas of Interest

Adam is interested in thematic histories of literature as a way to highlight implicit cultural structures via our changing attitudes toward them. Literatures about machines, the weird, the artificial, and utopia, are all areas he would like to pursue. He is also interested in poetics, modern poetry, and in teaching creative writing.

Office Hours

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