Antonieta Mercado, PhD

Antonieta Mercado
Phone: (619) 260-7644
Fax: (619) 260-4205
Office: Camino Hall 122

Associate Professor, Communication Studies

  • Ph.D., University of California San Diego Communication Department
M.A. San Diego State University, School of Communication
B.A. National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Facultad de Ciencias Políticas y Sociales

Dr. Mercado joined Communication Studies in the Fall of 2012 as an assistant professor in communication and social justice. She teaches classes on Media and Conflict, International Media, Introduction to Media Studies, and Public Relations and Social Movements. 
Dr. Mercado studies the communication and citizenship practices of Mexican indigenous immigrants in the United States, and how those practices extend to the transnational public sphere, contributing to forms of world citizenship or “grassroots cosmopolitanism.” 
She has been working recently on the impact of cultural festivals in the public sphere. 
She is a member of BINACOM, a Binational Communication Organization that brings together schools of communication in both the US and Mexico.

Scholarly Work

Dr. Mercado has published her work in different communication journals such as Journalism: Theory Practice and Criticism, with an article on indigenous civic advocacy journalism focusing on the analysis of El Tequio magazine, a transnational indigenous migrant publication. In the Journal of Transborder Studies, Research and Practice she published an article on indigenous resistance, nationalism, and transnational citizenship. She contributed a chapter on Indigenous Migrants Transnational Practices of Communication and Social Justice in the forthcoming book: Intercultural Communication, Globalization and Social Justice edited by Kathryn Sorrells and Sachi Sekimoto. Another article of hers discussing Transnational Indigenous Media and Cosmopolitanism is forthcoming in the journal Comunicación y Sociedad.

She has also presented her work in different international conferences, such as the International Communication Association and the International Association for Media and Communication Research among others.

She is currently a volunteer for the Indigenous Front of Binational Organizations (FIOB) in San Diego, organizing media literacy workshops. 

Mercado formerly worked as a Press and Information Officer at the Mexican Consulate in San Diego. Later, she worked as a freelance journalist for several years, writing articles for different newspapers such as La Opinión, Hoy, and Reforma.

Areas of Interest

Mercado believes that a liberal arts education is crucial in forming better citizens and ethical human beings; and it can help foster a consciousness regarding diversity and global citizenship, as well as critical thinking skills and creativity. She combines her previous professional experience in diplomacy, journalism, and social activism with her academic interests to make her classes conducive to practical learning, but also to self-discovery and respect for others. She teaches students to acquire critical and methodological thinking, flexibility, aesthetic and political emotion and imagination, so they can apply those tools in their daily lives. 

She has taught classes on Political Communication, Ethnic and Immigrant Media in the US, Communication as a Social Force, The Public Relations Industry, International Media, and Media Content Analysis. She previously worked at the Thurgood Marshall College’s Dimensions of Culture Program at UCSD.