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Dietary Considerations

USD Dining offers a wide variety of menu choices including; vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and Halal.

Do you have questions or concerns about dietary needs, allergies and/or preferences? If you need help identifying appropriate foods for your diet, USD Dining will help. Ask for a manager on duty at any dining location, or contact us for more information - email: dining@sandiego.edu

Toreros Against Hunger

Food Recovery Program

This program is intended to support members of the campus community who are experiencing food insecurity while also reducing waste by making food left over from Hospitality Services catered events available for pickup.  This program is free for all University of San Diego students. Learn more.

Food Pantry

The food pantry (providing food and select clothing and supplies) is open to USD students experiencing food insecurity. The pantry is located in University Center room 116. For information on how to access to the pantry, visit the food pantry web page.

Get Well Meals

If you are ill, or injured, and unable to make it to one of the campus dining locations, you may be able to get food to go from Pavilion Dining (SLP).

First, you will need to contact your Resident Assistant and/or Community Director or call Residential Life at (619) 260-4777. They will then contact Dining to make arrangements to provide you with a healthy meal.  


Manage Stress

Eat Well! Stress levels and a proper diet are closely related. However, when we are stressed we forget to eat well and resort to cookies, ice cream and chips because they are easy and taste so good. Try to avoid those snacks and replace with fruits, vegetables and fish. Fish with high levels of omega-3 fatty acids have been show to reduce the symptoms of stress. A tuna sandwich really is brain food!

Visit the USD Wellness Center for additional tips on managing one's mental health and stress. 

Tobacco Policy

USD is a smoking and tobacco-free campus. For the complete policy, visit the Human Resources website and download the USD Policies and Procedures manual.

Cold & Flu

Visit the Health Center


The USDA offers nutritional guidelines. Check out their website ChooseMyPlate.gov for healthy food planning tips and information.


Eating Disorders

If you would like to speak with someone anonymously about a health concern, or eating disorder, for yourself or a friend, you may contact the USD Counseling Center at x4655 on campus, or (619) 260-4655, 24 hours a day. If you prefer to see someone in person you may call for an appointment, or stop in and you will receive confidential assistance.