Ozzi Pilot Program

USD Dining is proud to offer the OZZI reusable container pilot program (2020).

The OZZI pilot program allows guests to use OZZI reusable containers at the following locations inside the Student Life Pavilion: 

  • Pavilion Dining, level 1
  • Tu Mercado, level 2

How do I use an OZZI Box? 

One reusable Ozzi box replaces on average 300+ single use (paper) to-go boxes. Help save resources by using an Ozzi box!

  •     Purchase or redeem a token for an Ozzi box at the register for a $5 deposit.
  •     Get your food in your box, then checkout.
  •     Enjoy your meal.
  •     Empty (and if possible - rinse) the box.
  •     Return box to the Ozzi machine and receive a token for the next time.

ozzi to go box machine

Do I have to use an OZZI container?

  •     We highly recommend all customers use an OZZI container when taking food to go from Tu Mercado and Pavilion Dining (our current pilot locations).
  •     Spring 2020 - Pavilion Dining:
    • OZZI containers are required for all to-go meals during all-you-care-to-eat dinner meals Sunday-Thursday. (No to-go boxes are distributed during weekend brunch or dinner Fri-Sat).
    • You may still use a disposable to-go box during breakfast and lunch timeframes. However, if dining in - please use a china plate.
  • Fall 2020:
    • There will be a fee charged for disposable (single-use) paper to-go boxes.
      • Only reusable Ozzi boxes will be available during dinner at Pavilion Dining Sun-Thurs. 

Where do I return my container?

  •     Once a guest has eaten their meal, they may return their container to the OZZI machine to be professionally cleaned and sanitized.
  •     The OZZI machine is located in the Pavilion Dining Room of the Student Life Pavilion, level 1.
  •     The OZZI machine is monitored online and alerts the dining office of any issues, to avoid outages or technical errors.

How do the containers get cleaned?

  •     Dining Services staff remove dirty containers from the return machine to clean and sanitize in a commercial dishwasher.

Can I reuse my container without having it cleaned?

  •     No. Due to health and safety concerns, only OZZI containers that have been properly cleaned and sanitized can be used in food service areas.

Can I exchange a dirty container for a clean container instead of returning it to an OZZI machine?

  •     No. Containers must be returned to the machine. Staff at campus dining locations will not accept used, unwashed containers.

What are the containers like?

Two styles: a single compartment, or 3-compartment container

  •       BPA Free
  •       Made in the USA
  •       Dishwasher, microwave and freezer-safe
  •       Leak resistant
  •       Size: 9"x 9"x 2.5" 
  •       Once box is worn out, it is recyclable (#5 plastic)

What if I lost my token?

  •   If you lose your token or would like additional tokens, you may purchase at the register (at Pavilion Dining or Tu Mercado, SLP) for $5.

What if I lose my container?

  •   If you lose your container, you may purchase a token at a register (at Pavilion Dining or Tu Mercado, SLP) for $5.

Can I redeem my token for cash?

  •   Yes. If you decide you no longer wish to use a container or it is the end of the semester, etc. you may redeem your token for $5 at a register (at Pavilion Dining or Tu Mercado).

Why can’t I use the OZZI box in other dining locations?

  •   This semester we are debuting the OZZI box as a pilot program. Once we assess how campus utilizes the program, how to best institute the program, and review feedback from students, we will decide if we will expand to other locations in the fall semester.