Small Grant Opportunities

The University recognizes the effort required to design a new course, or substantially revise an existing course, to align with the learning outcomes of the new core curriculum.  As such, the following small grant opportunities are available.

Early Incentive Award

To encourage early submissions, this Early Incentive Award is open for submissions beginning July 1st each year. 

Who Qualifies for the Early Incentive Award?

Instructors who submit new or substantially redesigned courses for approval of core attributes will automatically qualify for the Early Incentive Award once the course has been approved by both the CCC and the undergraduate faculty in the College, SB, and SMSE. 

How Much is the Award?

Eligible instructors will receive $100 after approval of their course.

Is there a limit on the Number of Awards?

Yes, there should be funding for approximately 50 approved course proposals each year. The CCC typically receives this many submissions within the first three meetings of the Fall semester, so early and timely course submissions are encouraged. Once the money runs out, instructors will no longer be eligible to receive an award that academic year. Submission timing will be based on initial proposal dates in CIM. 

General Conditions

  • One stipend per course, regardless of the number of attributes a course might carry.
  • Instructors are limited to no more than three awards per academic year.
  • Honors courses are not eligible as instructors are compensated by the Honors program. 
  • Team-taught INST courses and linked advanced integration (CINT) courses are not eligible. Please refer to the Advanced Integration Awards below. 
  • First-Year Integration (CINL) courses are not eligible as instructors are compensated by the LC program.
  • Only faculty members with full-time contracts are eligible for a stipend payment. 

What Must I Do to Be Considered for this Award?

Nothing. If you are eligible you will automatically receive your $100 stipend in your paycheck. This will typically occur in the February paycheck. Instructors may inquire as to their eligibility by emailing after March 1st each year.

Advanced Integration Awards

Team-taught INST Advanced Integration Courses (not including Honors)

At the end of the semester in which the INST course is taught each instructor will automatically receive $1500 (assuming no more than two instructors per course).

Linked Advanced Integration Courses

In order to receive your linked CINT award please email in the semester in which you are teaching the linked or clustered courses. Each instructor in the linked or cluster courses will receive a $750 stipend when they have completed teaching their course(s). 

Note: Instructors who receive compensation from other sources (e.g., Honors, the International Office) are typically not also eligible for these awards from the Core budget. Please respect this policy as we aim to share compensation across as many of our colleagues as possible.