Small Grant Opportunity

The University recognizes the effort required to design a new course, or substantially revise an existing course, to align with the learning outcomes of the new core curriculum.  As such, the following small grant opportunities are available.

Small Grant Opportunity

Type of course Syllabus Approval
Grant Award
First time Teaching 
Grant Award*
Single instructor for all areas of the Core (except Advanced Integration) $250 syllabus $500 first time teaching course
  Advanced Integration Opportunities  
Single instructor (CINT) $250 syllabus $500 first time teaching course
Linked course (CINT) Each instructor receives: $250 syllabus Each instructor receives: $500 first time teaching course
Team-taught course (CINT) for 2 instructors Each instructor receives: $350 syllabus Each instructor receives: $1,500 each time teaching course

* Instructor is responsible for emailing in the semester in which they first teach the approved course in order to ensure the stipend for first-time teaching is disbursed.

Your Proposal

Before submitting this proposal your course should already be submitted to the CCC for evaluation. Learn more about that procedure.

  1. Fill out this proposal cover sheet.
  2. Provide supporting material to your proposal by extracting and/or highlighting in yellow the material from your CCC submission that most appropriately shows how your assignments and the syllabus directly align with the learning outcomes of your core area.
    1. Note that the committee reviewing this small grant opportunity is not composed of the same membership that evaluates the course at the CCC. This proposal is the first time some members have seen your course materials. Please make it clear to them how your revision/design meets the new Core requirements.
  3. Submit your proposal cover sheet with one pdf file of supporting assignments and syllabus to

Eligibility and Procedure 

  • Proposals are reviewed by the Core Advisory Committee, the Director of the CEE, and the Core Director.
  • Awards will be granted based on quality of proposal and availability of funds. Decisions are made at the discretion of the committee.
  • The committee meets at the end of each semester.
  • Proposals must be submitted in the same academic year in which the course has received full approval.
  • Course development for which faculty receive stipends for either developing or teaching are not also eligible for this Core grant, for example the TLG, FITG grants in the College, or team-taught honors.
  • Except in the case of linked or team-taught courses, only one small grant opportunity is available per course number.
    • Courses with multiple sections and/or rotating instructors can only receive one of these grants. The instructor who does the most curriculum design/revision work should apply.
    • For linked and team-taught courses each instructor must apply separately and clearly state how they contributed to the course design.
  • Team-taught advanced integration courses must apply for this small grant opportunity if they wish to receive the syllabus grant. Otherwise all team-taught advanced integration courses will automatically receive the $1,500 stipend each time they teach the course providing instructors email in the semester they are teaching the course to ensure the stipend is disbursed.
  • Priority of funds will be given to classes taught on campus.
  • The intent of these small grant opportunities is to provide support and recognition for the dedication required to revise or develop a course for the new Core. It is recognized that unusual and new scenarios may arise during this curricular transition (e.g., team-teaching with 3 instructors) that the current grant structure doesn't already address. As such, funds will be awarded at the discretion of the committee.


  • Spring 2020 proposal submission due date: May 1
  • Spring 2020 awardees notified by: June 15th
  • Spring 2020 stipends dispersed by: June 30
  • Fall 2020 proposal submission due date: Nov 20
  • Fall 2020 awardees notified by: December 18
  • Fall 2020 stipends dispersed by: January 29