Timeline for Course Approvals through the CCC

Advanced Integration Submission Procedure  

Submission Deadlines

For a course to be included on the agenda for an upcoming CCC meeting that course must be submitted via CIM and routed to the CCC Chair at least 2 weeks prior to each CCC meeting. A completed submission via CIM indicates the following actions have occurred:

  • Instructor has worked with the appropriate Core Area Representative (CAR) to align their assignment prompts with the learning outcomes for that core area. Learning outcomes can be found in the Core Area Requirement (ATF) Reports. Instructors submitting courses for DISJ or Integration may consult DISJ and Integration Fellows.
  • Instructor or department representative obtains a vote from the department in support of adding the core attribute to the course.
  • Instructor or department representative uploads syllabi and supporting curricular material in CIM, ensuring that the appropriate core attribute is checked, and that the CCC Chair is listed in the workflow.
  • CIM record is routed to Department Chair/Program Director for approval.
  • CIM record is routed to Associate Dean (curriculum) in the representative unit, for approval.
  • The CIM record with all associated supporting material and approvals is routed to the CCC Chair at least two weeks prior to the next CCC meeting.

Approval Process and Timing

The catalog is the official record of courses offered by USD and has an annual deadline of March 1 for curricular changes. Thus, curricular changes must be approved prior to the March 1 catalog deadline in order for those changes to go into effect in the following Fall semester. For Core courses, this impacts the timing of when a course can be offered with a new core attribute, for the first time.

The submission deadlines, CCC meeting times and approval timelines are:

Table containing CCC meeting dates and corresponding deadlines for course submission
Submission Deadline CCC meeting If approved, semester in which that course can be
taught with the new core attribute for the first time*
Sept 12, 2019 Sept 26, 2019 Fall 2020
Oct 10, 2019 Oct 24, 2019 Fall 2020
Nov 7, 2019 Nov 21, 2019 Fall 2020
Dec 11, 2019 Dec 19, 2019 Fall 2020
Jan 23, 2020 Feb 6, 2020
(extra meeting for catalog deadline)
Fall 2020
Feb 13, 2020 Feb 27, 2020 Fall 2021
Mar 12, 2020 Mar 26, 2020 Fall 2021
April 15, 2020 Apr 23, 2020 Fall 2021

Every effort will be made to adhere to this approval timeline. However, please note that each Core Report (comprised of the minutes from each CCC meeting) must be accepted by the undergraduate faculty in SB, SMSE and the College, in order for curricular changes to be fully approved. These meetings occur at different dates after each CCC meeting. A course is considered approved and is routed through the workflow in CIM when acceptance of the Core Report from each undergraduate unit is confirmed by the Core Director.

*The only exception to this timeline is for Special Topics x94 courses. These Special Topics courses can be taught with the core attribute(s) in the semester immediately following approval. Submit a Special Topics x94 course for Core approval.