Core Curriculum Committee

2021-22 Core Curriculum Committee Members

Please don't give CAR names to students. Students should work directly with their advisors regarding core questions and requirements. Advisors can direct any questions to

Core Curriculum Committee Members
Core Area Representative
Artistic Inquiry Christopher Adler (CAS)
Critical Thinking and Information Literacy Martha Adkins (Copley) 
Ethical Inquiry Victor Carmona (CAS)
Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice Antonieta Mercado (CAS)
Historical Inquiry Colin Fisher (CAS)
Integration TBN (CAS) 
Literary Inquiry Ivan Ortiz (CAS)
Mathematical Reasoning and Problem Solving Amy Buchmann (CAS)
Oral Communication Mary Brinson (CAS)
Philosophical Inquiry Steve Tammelleo (CAS)
Quantitative Reasoning Wenli Xiao (SB) 
Scientific and Technical Inquiry Mike Anderson (CAS)
Second Language Competency Inigo Yanguas (CAS)
Social and Behavioral Inquiry Evan Crawford (CAS)
Theological and Religious Inquiry Mary Doak(CAS)
Writing Competency David Sullivan (CAS)
At Large Members Members
School of Business Sandy Shi, Adriana Vamosiu, Sara Esfahani   
Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering John Glick
Student Representative Sabrina Richards
Ex-Officio Members Members
 Core Curriculum Director  Amanda Petersen
 Core Advisory Committee  Ron Kaufmann, Priya Kannan, Rick Olson
 Assistant Core Director  Debbie Finocchio
 Writing Program  Mary Hotz (interim)