Vladimir Shalkevich '94

An image of Valdimir Shalkevich '94Vladimir Shalkevich graduated from the University of San Diego School of Law in 1994, where he interned at the Center for Public Interest Law. After working in private practice for two years, Shalkevich joined the California Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General. He initially worked as a civil litigator in the Tort and Condemnation section of the California Justice Department, where he represented the State and its employees in civil rights litigation. 

One such case, concerning the legal immunities of state investigators and interaction between state and federal civil rights law is Javor v. Taggart (2002) 98 Cal. App. 4th 795, which by 2010 has been cited as precedent in 50 state and federal appellate decisions. Many of the cases involved allegations against the California prisons, which mixed issues related to civil rights and medical care. The experience gained in these cases, combined with his exposure to regulatory agencies at CPIL brought Shalkevich to the Health Quality Enforcement section of the Attorney General’s office in 2003.

The HQE is involved in handling all phases of administrative litigation, including the prosecution of disciplinary proceedings and seeking interim suspensions or other injunctive relief when emergency relief is necessary to prevent imminent harm to the public. The section also handles the enforcement of subpoenas, writs and appeals, civil matters or lawsuits filed against HQE’s client agencies or their staff, and other types of civil litigation in state and federal courts. Shalkevich is one of five Lead Prosecutors at HQE in Los Angeles, coordinating the work of Medical Board investigators and HQE prosecutors, in addition to his caseload.