Tire Recycling Innovation Track

It is estimated that the United States alone generates an astonishing 246 million waste tires per year. If not disposed of properly or recycled responsibly, waste tires can have hazardous effects on the environment and the health of the surrounding population. Existing government initiatives, nonprofits, and for-profit organizations have aimed to improve recycling efficiency by creating innovative uses for waste tires such as flooring, sealants, outdoor walkways, and synthetic turf. Given the sheer scope of this problem locally and globally, we call upon social innovators to imagine additional creative solutions.

This inaugural track, sponsored by Cal Recycle, will award seed funding to entrepreneurs who aspire to work at the nexus of innovation, zero waste, and the circular economy. Innovators will propose new types of tire-derived products or end-use applications, or ways to expand and strengthen existing markets and infrastructure.