Innovations from Prior Years

Below are a few examples of student-led social ventures that emerged from the Social Innovation Challenge during 2011-2017. Scroll down to see information about each of these social innovations and what each venture is up to now!

Simple Seat, Better Lives

Assist Ugandan landmine victims in using the restroom on their own.

Venture Update
Part of the original Simple Seat team decided to take a step back from their solution being developed since 2015 and "apprentice with the problem". They ended up taking 2nd place in the 2017 Global Challenge powered by Oxford University for their study of barriers for landmine victims to using the restroom on their own.

Learn more about the Simple Seat team by clicking on the following links:

Global Challenge Finalist
Global Challenge Winners
Simple Seat, Better Lives 2017 Video

Soulr Cart

Soulr Carts inspire and empower students to initiate positive social change across all levels of the campus community.

Venture Update

Soulr Cart Founder Tyler Norris is featured on "Quit your Day Job". 
Check out their website and Facebook page
Check out Soulr Carts promotional video

Dreams for Change

Dreams for Change applies documented best practices for addressing poverty and homelessness, filling in the gaps of government and social services and using out-of-the-box collaborative models and innovative strategies to serve its clients. It is best known for its "Eat Better Today" food-truck which provides accessible, nutritious, and affordable meals to homeless people and its Safe Parking Program, which provides supportive services for transitional homeless individuals and families living in their cars.

Venture Update
As one of the most innovative organizations serving homeless San Diegans, Dreams for Change is often on the news:

KPBS News Video
Eat Better Today food truck on the news
Dreams for Change Helping San Diego's Homeless Find Shelter (Times of San Diego Article)

Learn more about Dreams for Change by visiting the Dreams for Change website and their Facebook page. 



Improve people’s lives, organizations, the environment, and the world overall through business to create and deliver products and services with a socially conscious perspective, such as the Sipsee® which solves the problem experienced when attempting to find a partially consumed personal beverage (e.g. water, juice, sport drink, beer) bottle among a myriad of identical plastic, glass, or aluminum bottles commonly found together in the refrigerator, on a table, on the ground, etc.

Venture Update
Sipsee as featured on the news as a great gift: Sipsee Holiday Gift Guide 2016 CW San Diego Video.
Sipsee on FOX5

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Papua Coffee

Papua Coffee improves the overall health of consumers and funds the social and economic development of the destitute in Papua New Guinea.

Venture Update

Papua Coffee is about to launch its first commercial. Check out their Facebook to learn more about them!


Tipi offers flexible jobs for women with children, addresses the absence of food security, and creates social awareness in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Venture Update
Buy their products visiting their website.
Learn more about Tipi and like them on Facebook.
Check Tipi's informational video.

Aiko & Egor

Aiko & Egor is an animated video series displaying simplified animation and engaging underwater characters so that children with autism and their family members can enjoy great educational content.

Venture Update
Learn more about Aiko & Egor.
You can watch episodes of Aiko & Egor.
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International Deaf Education Advocacy and Leadership (IDEAL)

Support and empower deaf children and youth around the world through human rights advocacy and the promotion of education, empowerment, and leadership (in existence since 2011).

Venture Update
The original project: Deaf For African Development was eventually incorporated under International Deaf Education, Advocacy and Leadership (IDEAL) with a local branch in Uganda that has to date seen two deaf women complete secondary school education and one graduate from university! Many other deaf children are being assisted with primary school in Burundi and Uganda.

My Story

My Story has successfully created a platform for students to share their experiences through storytelling and connect with others around university campuses.

Venture Update
Learn more about My Story through their informational video.