Innovations from Prior Years

Below are a few examples of student-led social ventures that emerged from the Global Social Innovation program in recent years. Scroll down to see information about each of these social innovations and what each venture is up to now!


KeepAppy is a personal wellness app. It is designed to empower users to take control of their mental and physical wellbeing by enabling people to track all of the vitals that most impact an individual’s wellbeing, increase self-awareness and engage in positive behavior practices.

Check out the KeepAppy website for more information.

hoola one

Hoola One


One Technologies is a start-up offering solutions to sites affected by plastic pollution. This company specializes in the development of equipment that facilitates the cleaning of plastic beaches while respecting the environment and the ecosystem.

 Read this article, and check out the website.

My Story


My Story has successfully created a platform for students to share their experiences through storytelling and connect with others around the university campuses.

 Watch this video to learn more. 



We have found a solution to solving one of the world's leading contributors to food waste by up-cycling excess grains into vegan and gluten-free cookies! Our mission is to close the gap within our food system by reducing food waste. We are saving the planet one cookie at a time!


 Look at their website for more information. 

Papua Coffee

Dreams for Change applies documented best practices for addressing poverty and homelessness, filling in the gaps of government and social services and using out-of-the-box collaborative models and innovative strategies to serve its clients. It is best known for its "Eat Better Today" food-truck which provides accessible, nutritious, and affordable meals to homeless people and its Safe Parking Program, which provides supportive services for transitional homeless individuals and families living in their cars.

 Learn more about Dreams for Change by visiting the Dreams for Change website and their Facebook page.


An AI-powered bin that makes recycling easy. The Sensibin scans your waste, and it tells you which bin it belongs in. This venture uses intelligently automated recycling, source segregation, data collection, and analytics. 

Learn more about the team and the product by visiting the website.

Aiko & Egor

Aiko & Egor is an animated video series displaying simplified animation and engaging underwater characters so that children with autism and their family members can enjoy great educational content.

Learn more about Aiko & Egor.
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