Help with Academic Performance

Students who are on academic probation or who want to improve their academic performance are encouraged to consult with the Counseling Center about their concerns. The staff at the center can evaluate academic problems and offer counseling to address a number of concerns, including test anxiety, lack of motivation, and other related problems. The easiest way to secure services at the center is to come by during walk-in hours or call for an appointment—see How to Access Counseling Services.

Students seeking help with time management, study skills, test-taking strategies, and academic assistance plans are encouraged to consult with the University’s Student Success Coaches, who are trained and supervised in assisting fellow students with academic problems. The Peer Coaches offer their services at no charge, and have an impressive track record in helping students improve their academic performance. To make an appointment with a Peer Coach, call the Center for Student Success at 619-260-5995. To learn more about the program, visit the Student Success Coaching webpage.