Orientation prepares interns for work at the University of San Diego Counseling Center by addressing the following training needs:

1)    the need to get to know the Counseling Center staff and to become a member of the Counseling Center team;

2)    the need to build relationships with members of the intern group;

3)    the need to learn about and adjust to the USD campus community;

4)    the need to know campus resources; and

5)    the need to learn didactic information and skills relevant to employment as a professional psychologist.

Didactic seminars, meetings, and free time set aside for adjustment prepare interns for their learning experience. Thus, orientation enhances interns’ ability to perform their duties and meet internship requirements.

A series of meetings teach interns about the internship structure and the internal workings of the USDCC and the internship program.  Interns are fully informed of their rights and responsibilities. USDCC policies and procedures are discussed, and interns are directed to written copies of relevant documents on the USDCC shared drive. Interns are instructed in the use of our Electronic Health Records system, as well as guidelines for its ethical use. We also provide instruction on the testing instruments used as part of our intake and clinical services, including the AUDIT, CCAPS, and the ASSIST. Relevant meetings include Clinical Services and Procedures, and Front Office Procedures.

Interns are also introduced to members of the campus community in a series of campus tours designed to provide a thorough knowledge of campus resources and to assist interns in making connections that will be useful to them. Interns tour various offices and meet with representatives of Student Affairs, the Dean’s Office of Arts and Sciences, the United Front Multicultural Center, the TRIO program/Student Support Services, Health Services, Career Services, the Center for Student Leadership Involvement Center, the Center for Student Success, and several other campus offices. In addition, the USDCC staff as a whole usually have a beginning of the year kick-off meeting with staffs of Residential Life and University Ministry.

Ample free time is allowed for the intern group to bond with one another and with staff, to complete assigned readings, to choose and decorate offices, and to set up schedules.

A few didactic seminars take place during orientation month. These seminars prioritize information deemed most necessary for interns to successfully begin professional duties at the USDCC.  In particular, the Risk Assessment and Management cycle will generally begin during orientation, and Outreach and Case Management Seminars will usually occur during orientation. Descriptions of these seminars are included with the other descriptions of didactic training.

Though seminar topics generally remain consistent, they may be revised according to emerging staffing, clinical or training needs.