What Students Say

The Counseling Center has a good reputation on campus! During any given year, over 500 students (or about 8% of the student body) secure services at the center. On average, each student who comes to the center attends five counseling sessions. At different points in the year we encourage the students who come to see us to complete anonymous satisfaction surveys rating our services. Student ratings of our services have been very positive—in 2007-08, 96% of the students who rated our services indicated that they were “very satisfied” overall with the services they received, while 97% “strongly agreed” that they would recommend our services to others. Here are some of the written comments students included on their surveys:

I found my counselor to be very understanding and willing to listen. She lets me express how I truly feel and is very helpful to me.

My counselor has helped adjust my lifestyle in a way that motivates me to do well academically. I appreciate everything he has done for me.

I really appreciated the help my counselor gave me. Coming here really did help me address the problems I was having. At first, I felt like I didn't have any options, but in my sessions I was able to realize I did.

Counseling got me through a very difficult year. I don't think I could have maintained the level of academic performance or personal contentment that I've found without my counselor's assistance.

I was skeptical at counseling at first but quickly changed my mind when I saw the favorable results.

I felt comfortable talking with my counselor and she helped me think about things differently. I feel it was helpful to have an unbiased person to talk with and to hear what they have to say. I really appreciate the time we had together.

Had I not built up the courage to come in during your walk-in hours, I probably would have kept living my life in the same way—unhappy with everything bottled up. Thank you!