The University of San Diego’s core curriculum fosters the pursuit of knowledge through active student and faculty participation in core courses by promoting critical appreciation of beauty, truth and goodness in the context of engagement with the Catholic intellectual tradition and diverse faith communities.

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Through the core curriculum, you will:

  • DEVELOP critical and analytical thinking skills while increasing your competency in writing, oral communication and cognitive reasoning. 
  • BECOME well-equipped to creatively envision, articulate and apply new solutions to the problems of today.
  • BE prepared to confront humanity’s urgent challenges.

Did you declare your major in Fall 2018 or later?

Students entering the University of San Diego and/or declaring a major during 2018-2019 or after should follow information contained in the printed course catalog (also known as the "catalog of record") published on May 1, 2018.

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Only courses approved as meeting core curriculum student learning outcomes can be applied to core curriculum requirements.

Are you a Transfer Student?

If you have come to USD with prior higher education experience, make sure you understand the process of .

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Did you declare your major prior to Fall 2017?

If so, your graduation requirements are different. Your degree audit (DARS) has been pre-loaded with the requirements you need to fulfill for graduation. See how the Pre-Fall 2017 Core Curriculum requirements compare to the current Core.

Considering re-declaring your major?

Talk with your academic advisor to see how this might effect your academic plan and graduation requirements.

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