Integrate knowledge, insights and skills gained through scholarly inquiry and strong community into the quest for truth as a continuous process of making connections.

Integration at USD is multifaceted and includes courses and experiences that provide students with opportunities to make connections between disciplines, apply knowledge in a variety of contexts, make connections between curricular and co-curricular activities, and to synthesize Core competencies. Integrative learning is a distinctive component of USD's core curriculum and is embedded in both core and major courses.

USD Integration Visual

Students complete two integration experiences, one during their first year at USD and another as they are completing their degree requirements:

Student Learning Outcomes


Recognize broad connections between multiple disciplines, perspectives, and/or approaches to learning.

[first-year integration; recommended for advanced integration]


Articulate how the integration of different disciplines, perspectives, and approaches to learning can enhance one’s understanding of practical issues and problems.

[first-year integration; recommended for advanced integration]


Synthesize knowledge and/or skills from multiple disciplines or perspectives. 

[advanced integration]


Apply knowledge and/or skills from multiple disciplines or perspectives. 

[advanced integration]

Students and faculty are asked to connect across disciplines, to synthesize disparate areas of knowledge, and to pose the "big questions." Core curriculum components connect and build on one another, the latest advances in research are integrated into the quest for understanding, and a continuous engagement with the complex problems of our world inform the questions we ask and the answers we seek. Integrative learning is an approach that creates an opportunity for students to make connections among ideas and experiences to synthesize knowledge.