Four Areas of the Core

Core Curriculum Graphic

The USD Core Curriculum fosters the pursuit of knowledge through active student and faculty participation in a broad and richly diverse academic experience. The Core develops indispensable competencies, explores traditions of thought and belief, and probes the horizons of the liberal arts and the diversity of human experience. The Core promotes critical appreciation of beauty, goodness and truth in the context of engagement with the Catholic intellectual tradition and diverse faith communities. The Core instills habits of thought and action which will serve all students in their academic majors and throughout their lives as reflective citizens of the world.

INTEGRATE knowledge, insights and skills gained through scholarly inquiry and strong community into the quest for truth as a continuous process of making connections. Students complete two integration experiences, one during their first year at USD and another as they are completing their degree requirements.

BECOME individuals who, through the search for truth and goodness, uphold the dignity and aspirations of all people; and who critically and creatively explore the “big questions” about God, personal identity and social identity.

EXPLORE critically and creatively about the world around us, our place in it and how we express ourselves through mediums such as fine arts and literature.

LEARN ESSENTIAL SKILLS of written communication, mathematical reasoning and problem solving, second language, oral communication, critical thinking, information literacy and quantitative reasoning in order to become effective leaders.

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