Student Media

  1. Newspapers, newsletters, yearbooks, television and radio stations or any other media by registered graduate or undergraduate student associations are subject to the direction and supervision of assigned University administrative personnel. Any media not produced by a registered student association is subject to the provisions of the Distribution of Information policy above.
  2. All student media shall be free of unnecessary institutional or student association control. Publication staff shall not be arbitrarily disciplined as a result of student, administrative, faculty, alumni or community disapproval of editorial policy or content.
  3. It shall be clearly stated in all student media that the opinions expressed therein are not necessarily those of the University of San Diego or of its student body.
  4. Student media responsibilities include:
    1. Maintaining sufficient levels of journalistic integrity with regard to verification of facts prior to reporting. That is:
      • Identify all writers, reporters and sources of information and make such information available to the advisors, upon request. When published, identity of the source may be withheld upon request of the writer, reporter or source.
      • Refuse publication or broadcasting of any information if the writer or source has not been identified at the request of the advisor.
      • Refuse publication or broadcasting of material which is libelous, seditious, obscene, unidentified or that violates the Student Code of Rights & Responsibilities.
    2. Possess a sufficient understanding of a topic’s implications prior to publication or broadcast.
  5. The University may approve the registration of student publications or other media. Any such group shall operate in accordance with its approved charges, constitution, and applicable University policies.