In support of its mission as a Catholic university, the University of San Diego has developed standards of conduct and has implemented processes designed to hold students accountable to these standards of conduct.  These standards and processes are set forth in the Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities (the “Code”).  A purpose of the Code is to maintain a safe environment for the campus community, one that supports the academic mission and provides a productive living and learning environment. The Code also is designed to foster the personal development of students and emphasizes students’ personal understanding of their behavior as well as their responsibilities to the community. Community responsibilities are uniquely grounded in the University’s core values. The Code is intended to support and reinforce those values of the University. Values of particular relevance to the Code include the University’s commitment to creating a welcoming, inclusive and collaborative community accentuated by a spirit of freedom and charity and marked by protection of the rights and dignity of the individual. Additionally, the Code supports the University’s efforts to provide a values-based education that informs the development of ethical judgment and behavior. 

The University of San Diego also has an obligation to uphold the laws of the larger community of which it is a part.  While the activities covered by the laws of the larger community and those covered by the University of San Diego's rules may overlap, it is important to note that the community's laws and the University of San Diego's rules operate independently and that they do not substitute for each other.  The University of San Diego may pursue enforcement of its own rules whether or not legal proceedings are underway or in process, and may use information from third party sources, such as, law enforcement agencies, news agencies, social media, and the courts, to determine whether University rules have been broken.  Membership in the University community does not exempt anyone from local, state, or federal laws. The University of San Diego has the right, and obligation, to hold students to a higher standard than the law and prohibit behavior that is illegal.

The Code has been established in order to ensure community order and to facilitate students' unencumbered pursuit of education both inside and outside of the classroom.  The Code includes the rules of conduct, University policies, procedures, and sanctions related to students. Each student is responsible for reading, understanding, and complying with the Code. 

Membership in a community where rights and responsibilities are respected is a significant part of the university learning experience.  Student conduct sanctions at the University of San Diego are intended to educate and foster a student’s development and reinforce the mission and values of the institution. When a student is found to have violated the Code, efforts are made to reconcile the student to the community via a multitude of sanction options. There are times when a student’s behavior is so egregious that it may lead to suspension or expulsion from the University, in order for effective learning and the safety and security of the campus community.

The rules, policies and procedures outlined in the Code provide a framework for community life at the University of San Diego. Recognized student organizations may establish rules and procedures for the purpose of self-regulation so long as those rules and procedures are not in conflict with the provisions of the Code and are not in place of the Code.

The University of San Diego reserves the right to amend, modify, and revise the Code at any time.  Changes to the Code shall be effective upon the approval of the Vice President of Student Affairs.