• The term “University” means the University of San Diego.
  • The term “student” includes (a) all persons taking courses or otherwise enrolled at the University, either full-time or part-time, pursuing undergraduate, graduate, or professional studies; (b) persons who withdraw after alleged to have violated the Code; (c) persons who are not officially enrolled for a particular term but who have a continuing relationship with the University; and (d) persons who are living in University residence halls, although not enrolled in this institution. The University may, at its sole discretion, apply the conduct procedures described in the Code to students who have accepted an offer of admission and have not yet begun classes. The Code applies to all students of the University and applies to students registered or enrolled in academic programs in another country or state.
  • The term “University official” includes any person employed by the University who is performing assigned administrative or professional responsibilities.
  • The term “member of the University community” includes any person who is a student, faculty member, University official or any other person employed by the University. A person’s student status in a particular situation shall be determined by the Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students.
  • The term “organization” means any number of persons who have complied with the requirements for University registration or other recognition.
  • The term “Complainant” means any member of the University community reporting an alleged violation of the Code. When a student believes that they have been a victim of another student’s misconduct, the student who believes they have been a victim will have the same rights under the Code as are provided to the Complainant, even if another member of the University community reported the violation.
  • The term “Respondent” means any student accused of violating the Code.
  • The term “Hearing Board” refers to either the Peer Review Board, the Critical Issues Board, Title IX Grievance Board or the Appeals Board as defined in the Student Conduct Procedures.