There are several opportunities throughout the year to receive training in Restorative Justice.

Restorative Justice Facilitator Training- August 7, 9AM-4:30PM in Degheri Boardroom
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Past Trainings

Transforming Campus Conflict: Promoting a Social Justice Lens - August, 2013

Day 1: Conflict Resolution Strategies

8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. (lunch provided)

Participants will have the opportunity to enhance their conflict resolution skills with an emphasis on strategies that are inclusive and socially just. Training topics will include personal reflective practices, conflict coaching, authentic dialogues, and the National Conflict Resolution Center's Exchange process .


Steve Gelb, Ph.D. is the director of research for the Leadership Institute and former associate dean in SOLES. His current research interests include leadership development, peace studies and peace education, collaborative action research, and disability studies. He is a recipient of USD’s University Professorship award for outstanding, balanced, career contributions supporting the mission and goals of the university.

Judith Carbone Bruner, Director and UC San Diego Ombudsperson. Prior to joining UC San Diego, she was the Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs and Academic Planning at the University of San Diego School of Law. She has extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution, negotiation, mediation and conflict management.

Ashley Virtue is the Director of External Relations for the National Conflict Resolution Center. For the past eight years Ashley has worked on expanding the work of NCRC and developing new programs throughout the United States. She has been a key staff member in the development of NCRC’s Exchange process. In addition to the many responsibilities she has in representing NCRC’s work to the public and managing her department, her vision and belief in teaching conflict management skills to people from varied professional backgrounds and communities has been instrumental in the great success of the program

Dan Stacy, Ph.D. is the Founder/CEO of ConTribute, a San Diego-based non-profit serving at-risk, traumatized and incarcerated youth. Blending psychotherapy with mindfulness practices and techniques, his approach focuses on the importance of relationships and constructive communication. Through ongoing efforts in our juvenile institutions, as well as several affected communities, the classes and experiential groups offered provide a safe place for young people involved to not only identify the skills they lack, but practice what they learn.

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Day 2: Restorative Justice Training

8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. (lunch provided)

Participants will be trained in the principles and practices of restorative justice. Learn the skills necessary for Victim-Offender Conferencing and the implementation of practices in your own work with university students. Participants will have the option of becoming facilitators in USD's Restorative Justice Program. Non-USD participants will learn the skills necessary to become restorative conference facilitators and bring those skills back to their respective universities and organizations.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Participants will gain an understanding of restorative principles and practices that make-up the foundation of the USD Restorative Justice program.
  • Participants will understand the importance of shifting from a punitive based conduct practice to a reflective and restorative process that focuses on student development and community building.
  • Participants will be able to facilitate the five stages of a Restorative Conference.
  • Participants will gain practical information and learn the specific techniques, skills, and decisions that facilitators must make during a restorative process.

Hosted by Student Conduct, Residential Life, and made possible by a grant from the Center for Inclusion and Diversity

If you are interested in on-campus housing for this Conference please contact Tyler Crisman at

** More information will be available closer to the date, please check back for updates.