Student FAQ's

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  • Why are students required to come to the Office of Ethical Development and Restorative Practices (formerly the Office of the Assistant Dean of Students) for student conduct?
  • I was written up by an RA. What happens now?
  • What is an Administrative Hearing?
  • I have to meet with the Peer Review or Critical Issues Board. What should I expect?
  • What is a sanction?
  • Can a decision of "responsible" be appealed?
  • Are off-campus violations reported to the University student conduct system?
  • Will my conduct record affect my future plans?
  • Will my financial aid package and/or scholarships be affected if I am responsible for a Code of Conduct violation?
  • Can I be held in violation if something's posted on-line (like a picture on
  • Will I be allowed to study abroad with a student conduct violation?