Speakers Bureau

The University of San Diego Speakers Bureau is a free service to the greater San Diego area. Speakers include members of the university's faculty, staff and student body who are willing to share their knowledge, research, programs, discoveries and services with San Diego's club, church, civic, community and professional organizations.

Select from a growing number of specialists from throughout the university community who can address both topical and traditional issues with expertise.

How It Works

  1. As the program director responsible for securing speakers for your group, simply select from our campus experts or request a specific subject of interest.
  2. Next, visit our online form, email us or call (619) 260-7460.
  3. The Speakers Bureau coordinator will match your organization's meeting date, time and topic to one of our leading authorities on the subject you select.
  4. We contact the speaker, confirm details and send you a confirmation notice. There is no cost to your organization.

Please note: the USD Speakers Bureau is intended for meetings open to the public or welcome to guests. Requests for speakers to address private conferences or pay-to-attend events should be arranged separately and directly with faculty members.