Torero Weekly

Torero Weekly is a campus-wide email digest of the week's announcements and events intended for the entire campus community.

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About Torero Weekly

As part of an initiative aimed at reducing the number of campus-wide emails, the Department of University Communications has developed Torero Weekly, which aggregates announcements and events aimed at the entire campus community (faculty, students and administration/staff) into a communication disseminated campus wide at the start of each week during the academic year.

Announcements and Events

If an announcement or event is relevant to the entire campus community... please submit your announcement or event to Torero Weekly rather than send a campus-wide email.

If an announcement or event is aimed at a targeted audience... please continue to send out your emails to those respective audiences as you do presently. (This would include, for example, an email about an event just for graduate students, or an announcement just relevant to faculty.)

Announcement posting guidelines: University Communications recommends posting an announcement item 1-2 weeks in advance of the event you are looking to promote. Posting an announcement for an event for more than two weeks in advance of the event date requires approval from the Associate Vice President of University Communications. To request advance event promotion in Torero Weekly, email

Event posting guidelines: If you are looking for your event to be included in Torero Weekly, create and submit your event post and contact your academic/service area's marketing/communications manager for approval. If you need to confirm the event's inclusion in Torero Weekly, email

The role of marketing and communications managers

Marketing/communications managers from different areas around campus will aggregate and flag content to be submitted for Torero Weekly. It is the responsibility of these managers to prioritize content for the week and approve posts.

Weekly timeline

It is necessary to follow a timeline each week for aggregating announcements and events.

Day Step
Ongoing Using MyPostings, posters from around campus create announcement or event items for posting to the web. These items must be approved by the appropriate designated approver within the MyPostings system. (The approver is typically the marketing/communications manager, but may be University Communications.)
Thursday By end of day, marketing/communications managers who have approver access have edited and approved posts, flagging appropriate posts for inclusion in Torero Weekly.
Friday University Communications reviews submissions, and prepares the Torero Weekly for the upcoming week.
Monday Torero Weekly is finalized and sent to campus community (around 10 a.m.).

Submit using MyPostings

Each Announcement or Event item should be created using the MyPostings system:

See documentation on how to use MyPostings:

To include an item in Torero Weekly, do the following:

  • In the "Filters" section of the form, when flagging "Where to Post," select the checkbox "USD: Torero Weekly (approvers only)". Submit your item.
  • By checking this box, the item is now flagged for inclusion in the appropriate upcoming Torero Weekly email digest. It will be reviewed by the University Communications team.
  • If you are not an approver, then you may use the "Approver Notes" field at the end of the form to request that an item be included in Torero Weekly.

Note: We will do our best to inform you if for some reason an item you submit is not appropriate to include.

Optimize submissions

Because readers are likely to scan the digest rather than read it, please optimize submissions for quick scanning. Here are some suggestions:

Headlines: Please use brief, descriptive headlines for your announcement or event. 

Opening paragraph text: Put the most important information first, and use "information-carrying" words.

Thumbnail images: Please submit a thumbnail image to accompany your announcement or event posting. Images help provide visual interest, and can draw attention to your content. Please use an image editor to crop your image to the specified size of 640px by 450px.

Things to consider

To keep it relevant and manageable, Torero Weekly only contains events for the upcoming week or two. An event that is further out may be submitted, but may only be included "early" if it is a major event of campus-wide relevance.

USD in the News

The Office of Media Communications aggregates news coverage of the university on the USD in the News page, and selects stories for inclusion in Torero Weekly. If you have a recent story you would like to see included, please email

Torero Photo of the Week

We are always looking for photographs to include in the "Torero Photo of the Week" section in Torero Weekly. If you have a photograph that is beautiful, timely, highlights an event, or captures Torero spirit, please send it to us at

By submitting photos, you agree that:

  • You have the rights to submit the photos and have received permission to do so from those featured in the photos.
  • USD reserves the right to use all submitted photos for social media or other University marketing materials.

Ongoing enhancements

We understand and expect there will be questions along the way. Our team is available to help walk you through any issues you might have as we move forward, and we're eager to get your feedback on how we can improve the process.

Email or call (619) 260-7401 with questions or feedback.