Application, Residency Date Changes for Kroc IPJ's Women's PeaceMakers Program

Application, Residency Date Changes for Kroc IPJ's Women's PeaceMakers Program

One of the signature programs for the Kroc School's Institute for Peace and Justice, the Women PeaceMakers Fellowship — made two important announcements Tuesday about its 2020-21 program.

First, the deadline to apply for the 12-month fellowship has been extended to June 1 and second, the residency component, in which four Women PeaceMaker fellows from around the world reside on the University of San Diego campus, has shifted from Fall 2020 to a five-week residency happening sometime over the course of Fall 2020-Summer 2021. 

"The health of our partners and community is our top priority," the Kroc School said in a statement. "To ensure we protect both, these new dates and the fellowship format are subject to change as new realities might emerge. We will continue to inform you if any other changes occur."

The ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has forced postponements, cancellations and a wait-and-see approach for all kinds of events and programs throughout the United States and the world. While these announcements mark a slight adjustment for the fellowship, it also reinforces the importance of such a program continuing in these uncertain times.

The Women PeaceMakers Fellowship offers a unique opportunity for women peacebuilders to engage in a cycle of learning, practice, research, and strengthening of peacebuilding partnerships through participation in a 12-month fellowship. By co-developing evidence-based and data-driven solutions, through this fellowship the women and organizations at the center of the most serious peacebuilding challenges demonstrate why they are best positioned to influence positive change.

During the 12-month fellowship with the Kroc IPJ, fellows: Learn from and with other leading fellows and the Kroc School's team; Gain new perspectives, support and innovative approaches to peacebuilding; Expand professional peacebuilding networks; and drive forward vital peacebuilding research that focuses on shifting practice and policy.

Each year the fellowship's research has a specific peacebuilding issue for which it is gathering evidence and data.

This year's research question is:

How can international peacebuilding organizations better partner with local women peacebuilders to address the closing spaces and increased insecurity women are currently facing when working to end cycles of violence?

During this time of COVID-19, fellowship organizers believe the above issue is becoming more relevant as we see a rise in authoritarianism and women are facing greater barriers to their participation in peacebuilding.

— USD News Center

Learn more and apply for the Women PeaceMakers Fellowship. Additional updates on the program can be found via its Twitter handle, @WomenPeaceMaker

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