Men's Basketball: Five with Marion Humphrey

Men's Basketball: Five with Marion Humphrey

With the new norm being more and more established each day, University of San Diego men’s basketball redshirt freshman Marion Humphrey checks in with five answers to see what his day-to-day life is now like and what he has enjoyed most while being back home in Birmingham, Alabama.

Best part of being back home in Alabama right now?
The weather because it's not too hot or too cold right now. Also, the amount of COVID-19 cases is relatively low in the state, so there is not as much concern doing necessary things such as going to the store.
What is your day-to-day life like given the current circumstances?
My day-to-day life consists of Zoom calls for class and working out. I've been watching a series of movies in my free time, too. I recommend "6 Underground" if you're into action movies. I stay current on the sports world by getting updates and watching highlights from Bleacher Report on social media.
How do you train while being away from San Diego?
My training consists of the workout plan given to us by Coach Lam (Mark Lamoreaux), our strength and conditioning coach. I don't have weights like a lot of people so my workouts consist of mostly body weight workouts. As far as basketball, I do a lot of ball-handling and passing drills.
What is one thing you miss most about basketball?
There is a lot I miss about basketball, but if I had to pick one thing, I'd have to pick watching the NBA.
Best thing you've experienced in the last few weeks?
Best thing is being with my family because we only are able to be with each other once or twice a year.

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