Fifteen Teams Vie April 29 for Two USD Spots in Fowler Global Social Innovation Challenge

Fifteen Teams Vie April 29 for Two USD Spots in Fowler Global Social Innovation Challenge

Some of the most innovative ideas amongst University of San Diego students are set to be showcased virtually on Wednesday, April 29 when 15 USD teams vie for $10,000-plus in seed funding in the USD Finals portion of the Fowler Global Social Innovation Challenge.

Each team will provide a 90-second pitch to the virtual audience and judges will decide on two teams who will then represent USD in the global finals on June 13. There will be special USD Community Choice Awards to vote on as well.

The program will start at 5 p.m. and viewing of the event will take place on YouTube. A link to the live event will be sent to all who register for it. Viewing of the program is open to all students, faculty, staff and the public. Students who watch it are approved for one Passport/Compass/Connect point.

The Fowler Global Social Innovation Challenge is run by the Center for Peace and Commerce, a joint partnership between USD's School of Business and Kroc School of Peace Studies, and is supported by the USD Entrepreneurship and Innovation Catalyzer.

All 15 teams have a social innovation idea that matches one or more of the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Among USD entries this year, seven projects have a connection to Goal 3 (Good Health and Well-Being). Other goal categories that are frequent among USD teams include Goal 11 (six, Sustainable Cities and Communities), Goal 9 (five, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure) and Goal 13 (Climate Action).

Furthermore, CPC Director Silvia Mah was impressed with the fact that the 15 teams represent multiple USD schools, showing a level of collaboration among students and the strength of this event to draw entries campuswide.

Here are the 15 USD student team names, industry connection, UN goals represented, and a short description of their idea.

Second Wind — Clean Technology, recycling; Goals 7, 17: Second Wind is a project to recycle wind turbine blades. Wind is a growing field of renewable energy, but the drawback of growth is waste. Second Wind's solution is to more efficiently recycle fiberglass.

Terre — Plastic recycling; Goals 12, 13: Terre is a solution to eliminate plastic at the source, enabling us to prevent problems that plastic causes downstream.

HUGS — Software as a Service (SaaS); Goals 4, 8, 10, 11: A SaaS platform to be the future of comprehensive housing opportunities for international students through a comprehensive student-focused housing solution.

GR Solutions — Restaurants, Recycling; Goals 2, 3, 13: A solution for restaurants to implement measures to control food that is being wasted and promote donations.

Head Impact Tracking System (HITS) — Athletics, Sports Device; Goals 3, 9: Helmet device to track and report hits, thus, athletes can have peace of mind and metrics needed to perform at a high level.

Xatalyze — Clean Technology; Goals 7, 11, 13: A capacitor energy storage device that captures the advantages of the power wall without the drawbacks, alleviate stress off the grid with a lower price point and 100 percent recyclability.

Alinea (Fixing Your Feelings) — App, SaaS; Goal 3: Social media platform that connects users, primarily 18-34-year-olds, based on shared topics of interest and emotional sentiment to help solve the global feelings of isolation, mental health and online harassment.

Microfinance for Migrants and Deportees in Tijuana — Financial Technology, Economic Development; Goals 1, 3, 8, 10, 11: A microfinance solution for displaced people in Tijuana who can take advantage of the city's many opportunities and resettle safely and securely to make the best of a terrible situation.

Bibble — App, SaaS; Goals 4, 9: Social network app for college students to meet, communicate and exchange with fellow students on a Twitter-like newsfeed in hopes of combating loneliness and other mental health challenges.

Sunlight U — Education, Psychology; Goals 3, 5: Online educational subscription-based website focused on healing from sexual trauma with a focus on the science of trauma.

Hydra Technology — SaaS, Business-to-Business; Goals 1, 3, 9, 12, 13: An ERP software for small and medium-sized construction organizations to conduct their logistics and transportation operations more efficiently at a comprehensive price point to promote the global effort to improve access to affordable housing while minimizing pollution and climate change.

Global Partnerships through Cultural and Mutual Understanding — Economics, Government Technology; Goal 17: Compile comprehensive economics reports for transparency among governments, private industry and community members.

Mags New Tech (Better Bags) — CPG; Goals 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17: Save the Planet with biodegradable bags using a new highlight water-soluble, patent-pending material that will not harm the environment and be fully dissolvable.

Lyfbox — Business to Business product, Disaster Relief, Goals 3, 6, 11, 15: An automated, expanding shipping container technology to create a quick, large footprint, and easy to transport solution for any mobile medical units or first-responder camps.

Discrete Solar Technologies — App, SaaS; Goals 9, 11: Solar docking station for cities to reduce carbon footprint of rideshare vehicles (scooters and cars) that solve the last-mile challenge where many users of public transportation are unable to reach their final destination.

— Compiled by Ryan T. Blystone

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