USD Votes Encourages Students to Get Registered, Get Informed

USD Votes Encourages Students to Get Registered, Get Informed

Your first time voting can be a bit overwhelming, but USD Votes is here to help.

In a "Get Registered, Get Informed" event on campus, students who dropped in could receive guidance from their peers to get registered, learn about the California ballot propositions and 2020 presidential candidates and watch the New Hampshire primary results.

USD Votes is an organization made up of students, faculty and staff who share a passion for civic engagement, and their main mission is to make USD a national leader in voter registration, education and turnout.

"Of course I've got my own political leanings, but it's nice to be involved in an organization that really serves everybody, regardless of where they fall on the political spectrum," said third-year student Linnea Leidy, president of USD Votes.

In a dramatic increase from 2014, nearly 45 percent of University of San Diego students voted in the 2018 midterm election. This turnout earned USD a Gold Seal from the All In Campus Democracy Challenge. Though USD's turnout was nearly 6 percent above the national average, Leidy says the university still has a ways to go.

"We like to call ourselves a Changemaker campus, so we really should have an impressive voter turnout rate," said Leidy. In order for USD to keep its Gold Seal rating, it has to reach a voter turnout rate of 65 percent in 2020.

"It's a pretty lofty goal, but we're confident we can achieve it," said Leidy.

The California primary election is March 3, and the online voter registration deadline is February 18. USD students will be on spring break during the March 3 primary, so they are encouraged to make plans to vote ahead of time, such as requesting a mail-in ballot.

Find more helpful information on the USD Votes website at

— Daniel Telles

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