Renaissance Plan: Camino, Founders Halls Renovations Start June 1

Renaissance Plan: Camino, Founders Halls Renovations Start June 1

Most of the University of San Diego campus community is familiar with the Renaissance Plan — a five-year plan to complete deferred maintenance work coupled with new construction.

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Above: Photo slideshow of Founders Hall, Camino Hall and proposed renovation renderings.

The campus is very excited about the new Learning Commons building. Additionally, the renovation of Copley Library is almost complete and will revitalize the way students study, collaborate and learn.

And now, the next phase of USD’s Renaissance Project, one that’s been widely anticipated, is now only a few months from starting — renovation of the university’s two original legacy buildings on campus, Camino Hall and Founders (including Sacred Heart) Hall.

Camino, Founders and Sacred Heart halls will be closed for construction beginning June 1, 2020, about a week after USD’s commencement exercises take place. The renovation project is expected to take more than one full year. Estimated time of completion is September 1, 2021.

During this year-plus project, construction crews will be upgrading the mechanical and electrical systems of the building, installing new fire sprinklers and alarms, bringing the building up to full Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance, building two new elevators — one serving each building, and much more. Included in the deferred maintenance work is a renovation of USD’s Living Learning Community (LLC) spaces on the second floor, which includes new lounges, restrooms, study rooms and new furniture in the dorms themselves.

Many current occupants of Camino and Founders will be relocated to temporary office trailers, which are located in the Pardee Legal Research Center parking lot. Some functions will move to the west end of campus.

There will be over 500 moves to accomplish this task and the Facilities Management and University Operations team thanks all campus community members for their continued patience, cooperation and feedback as we strive to create a campus that continues to represent the great Changemakers present at USD.

For more information about USD's Renaissance Plan, please visit the University Operations website.

— Zachary Randel, Senior Project Manager, Planning Design Construction

Photo renderings in the slideshow above are courtesy of Zachary Randel

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