Trump’s Extreme NDAs

Trump’s Extreme NDAs

The Atlantic

President Donald Trump’s secrecy habit is extreme and extremely troubling. His main concern, it seems, is to prevent leaks that might embarrass him or his family.

A new complaint before the American Arbitration Association reveals that the 2016 Trump campaign’s nondisclosure agreement (NDA) defined as confidential any information that “Mr. Trump insists remain private or confidential.” The gag on embarrassing Trump lasted not only “during the term of your service” but also “at all times thereafter.” Trump has taken his draconian contractual clauses with him to Washington. The White House staff NDA appears to impose penalties for any unauthorized revelation of confidential information, defined as “all nonpublic information I learn of or gain access to in the course of my official duties.” Such language is unprecedented—to use a word that’s getting a workout these days.

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