Meet the Journalists: Sergio Urquidi, Univision San Diego

Below are summary points from the interview with Sergio Urquidi, news anchor and investigative correspondent at Univision San Diego.


  • The Spanish community is part of the overall San Diego community
  • Even those who speak English like to get their news in their native Spanish language
  • Sometime English-speaking stations rely on Spanish media to get the best information about a particular story
  • Give the same importance to the Spanish media as you do the English media
  • Immigration is an important issue to the Hispanic community but it’s not the only important issue, they care about the same things English speakers do.
  • If you want to get to national news, start with your local reporters – networks rely on local news
  • Think about interviews as a conversation
  • Speak with the reporter prior to the interview to get more comfortable
  • Do not ask reporters to give you the questions ahead of time

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Begin quote "Networks rely on local news... the information from the local reporter is more reliable."