Meet the Journalists: Scott Jaschik, Inside Higher Ed

Below are summary points from the interview with Scott Jaschik, founder and editor of Inside Higher Ed.

What should we know about Inside Higher Ed?

  • Inside Higher Ed is well known in higher education, and write about issues that the normal press typically wouldn't write about (i.e. academic freedom)
  • Based in Washington, D.C., but covers the whole country.
  • They welcome you reaching out and letting them know what's going on.
  • Audience is very broad since the whole thing is free: faculty members, graduate students and administrators.

What should we consider when pitching a story?

  • Get right to the point. Why does it matter? Why is it interesting? Then get into the background information.
  • Looking for a story that affects people in terms of how they do their jobs, or how they're teaching.
  • Don't pitch stories that you just saw covered last week about another university.

What are some tips for finding stories?

  • Think about the stories that you would tell a colleague who is outside your department over lunch. What are you doing that's interesting to them? that really helps students? that changes how a discipline views a field?
  • Unless you're doing it in a new way, they won't cover it.

What should we know about Op-Eds for Inside Higher Ed?

  • They are looking for something that is trending in higher education now, or a thought piece about something interesting that happened to them in the classroom.
  • Pieces can run up to 1,500 words.
  • Do not use footnotes. Use links instead.

What kind of story works for "The Key," Inside Higher Ed's podcast?

  • Most importantly, you have to be a good speaker.
  • If you've done some radio or previous podcast, send it along.
  • Write to Paul Fain, host of The Key.

What makes you want to cover a story as a journalist?

  • Firstly, impact. What is going on that will impact students and other people?
  • Secondly, how woudl it affect other institutions?
  • Thirdly, is it somebody who is interesting to talk to?
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Begin quote "The most important thing is impact... what is going on that is going to affect students and other people? How would it affect other institutions?"