Meet the Journalists: Matt Lewis, NBC 7

Read summary points below from the interview with Matt Lewis, special digital projects producer at NBC 7.

What should we know about podcasting?

  • It’s a more contemporary medium
  • Typical listener age ranges from late 20s to 50s
  • Podcasts are accessible – if you have a phone, you have a podcast library in your pocket

What is needed to produce a podcast?

  • A character who has a strong voice, since the medium is focused on audio
  • There is more of a focus on under-reported stories which is different than broadcast news which tends to focus on big headlines

How can professors get involved in podcasts?

  • We always look for experts in any type of field whether in education or sports
  • If experts reach out to us, that would be helpful. We’re always looking for contacts. If we develop a relationship, we want to keep them as a recurring guest.

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Begin quote "Because in podcasts you don't get that visual element... the voice is so important, and finding a person who is a really good character."