Meet the Journalists: Laura Castañeda, San Diego Union-Tribune

Below are summary points from the interview with Laura Castañeda, Community Opinion Editor, San Diego Union-Tribune.

What is the process like for choosing which Op-Eds to publish?

  • There are six members who work on the Editorial and Opinions page, one person writes editorials, almost daily. Laura juggles about 45 Op-Eds per week, going back-and-forth with authors for their Op-Ed pieces.
  • The team tries to plan out Op-Eds a couple weeks in advance. The U-T will solicit Op-Eds, but many Op-Eds come in unsolicited.
  • All Op-Eds are reviewed and ones with promise are pulled aside – typically those focused on current events or those with a strong narrative.

What are some tips when sitting down to write an Op-Ed?

  • Have a plan, have a narrative and know what you’re trying to get across.
  • Don’t be afraid to make it personal, to tell a story, to make it about someone or something that happened to you – those are the stories that are going to get more attention. For a strong introduction, consider writing in first-person.
  • If your Op-Ed is based on research, find a way to attract the readers – don’t make it a paper because the average reader will get bored.

When submitting an Op-Ed to the San Diego Union-Tribune:

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Begin quote If you're sitting down to write an Op-Ed... don't be afraid to make it personal. The average reader is going to get bored reading a paper. They want to kind of get sucked into a great story.