Meet the Journalists: Gary Robbins, San Diego Union-Tribune

Below are summary points from the interview with Gary Robbins, science and higher education writer at the San Diego Union-Tribune. Originally from Maine, Robbins has been a reporter for 42 years.

What do you newspaper deadlines look like?

  • Newspaper deadlines are typically 4:30 p.m (front page story deadline is 8 or 9 p.m.)
  • Online has neverending deadlines

What are some tips for pitching a story?

  • Avoid the "ego release." Instead, get to the newsworthy point quickly in the headline and first paragraph.
  • Don't use marketing slogans of the university or speak in an overly positive tone; just be genuine.

What are some tips for being interviewed?

  • Be candid and conversational. Avoid jargon.
  • Don't dumb down answers. Use language everyone can understand.
  • Gary will often meet with people without the expectation of a story because he wants to get to know the scientist or the professor just as an individual. Doing this provides a better sense of what they can talk about, or whether they would be stepping out of their lane on something.

What makes local news important?

  • You're part of the community here. You want to educate and inform your neighbor.
  • USD is a pillar of the county, so it's important for people to know what you're working on and doing.

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Begin quote I don't want anyone to ever dumb anything down... I need you to get to the point in a clear and evocative way so it sticks with people.