Meet the Journalists: Danny Freeman, NBC 7 San Diego

Below are summary points from the interview with Danny Freeman, reporter at NBC 7 San Diego.

What is your day like as a local broadcast reporter?

  • Morning meeting at 9 a.m. and by 10 a.m. the reporter has their story for the day with a deadline 5 to 6 hours later.
  • To put together a story, a reporter needs to think about what the story is and find interviews with experts to bring context to the issue and put it together for the afternoon broadcast.
  • Reporters can accommodate a professor’s schedule and complete an interview in 15 minutes, including set-up time.

Why do reporters want to interview university professors?

  • Professors have dedicated their lives to subjects that are challenging, important and often hard to understand. Professors are a resource for reporters to provide clarity and context for a story.

How can professors use their research and expertise to pitch a story to a journalist?

  • Think about who the story impacts based on your research, the subject you teach or the book you’ve written
  • If you can help to find the person who is impacted by your research/study, that will be the biggest determining factor on whether we can get the story on the air — this provides the personal touch that pairs with your expertise to put a full story together.

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Begin quote “When we need context, when we need the bigger picture… that’s when we come to the experts.”