"Did You Know" Videos

Showcasing remarkable facts and figures about the University of San Diego.

The "Did You Know" videos showcase remarkable facts and figures about the University of San Diego, and are applicable to anyone who wants to get to know USD better. Below you will find information on how to use these videos for a variety of purposes. We offer multiple formats: individual videos, themed videos, or the master video, all available to play, embed or download as needed.

We will do our best to update the facts and refresh the video files on an ongoing basis. If you have USD facts that you'd like us to consider adding, please contact Krystn Shrieve at kshrieve@sandiego.edu. If you have questions about the videos, please contact dcim@sandiego.edu.

Video files last updated Apr. 30, 2019.

Display on a Computer, Tablet or Other Device

The "Did You Know" video can be an appealing and informative visual complement at an event, whether you're on campus or on the road. For example, the video could serve as "pre-roll" before an event begins, or as a screensaver-type display at a booth.

It's easy to display the video on a computer, tablet or other device, and automatically restart, or "loop," the video when it finishes. If you will not have access to WiFi at the event, we suggest downloading the master video file (found below) ahead of time. When you are ready, you can play the video using a media player on your device. Keep in mind that you will have to set the media player to loop the video if desired (most media players, such as Quick Time, VLC, or Windows Media Player have this option). If you will have internet access at the event, you can simply use the video seen here. Click the play button and set the video to full screen. The video will play continuously and loop.

You can display this master video at an event by playing it on your device and making it full screen. The video has accompanying music and will restart automatically ("loop") when it finishes.

Display on Digital Signage

We encourage you to display the "Did You Know" videos on your digital signage. To download the MP4 files of your choice (individual, themed or master videos), see Video Links, Downloads and Embed Codes on this page.

Display on a Web Page

The design of the "Did You Know" videos makes them suited as complements to content on web pages (for example, see the university's About page). The videos are hosted on USD's Vimeo account by Digital Communications and Institutional Marketing. They are public and can be accessed via the links below. To share videos on a web page, select the video you'd like from the list below. Copy the embed code and paste it into the source code editor on your website. The embed code is set to be responsive, to autoplay, to be muted, and to loop at the end.

Video Links, Downloads and Embed Codes

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