Hooding Instructions

Doctoral candidates in the Hahn School of Nursing and Health Science and the School of Leadership and Education Sciences are escorted by their dissertation chair (or other committee member, if the chair is not available).  Be sure the velvet side of the hood is facing outward when placing the front of the hood over the candidate’s head. 

When the Provost says,“Doctoral candidates in Nursing or Leadership Studies, please stand and approach the platform”:

  1. Candidates stand from their seated position on the floor and move to the foot of the ramp stage right (their left, as they approach the stage). Candidates carry the hood draped over the left arm with the velvet toward the right. MAKE SURE THE HOOD IS NOT BUTTONED!
  2. At the direction of the platform marshal, faculty chairs seated on the platform stand and proceed to the top of the ramp at the front right of the platform. Meet your first doctoral candidate at the top of the ramp. Do not go down the stairs or the ramp.
  3. The dissertation chair takes the hood from the candidate and drapes it over his or her left arm with the velvet toward the right.

When the dean announces the candidate’s name, the candidate and chair walk across to center stage, with the candidate on the RIGHT and the faculty member on the LEFT to meet the President; (UNLESS you are meeting your candidate center stage because you are hooding more than one candidate).

  1. Candidate stops in front of the president and faces the audience.
  2. Chair stops to the president's right.
  3. The Chair hoods the candidate and congratulates the candidate (photographer takes the picture at this point) – be sure to hood with the velvet on the outside and place the hood over the candidate’s head from behind the candidate.
  4. Candidate turns back to face the president to receive the diploma and the president's congratulations.
  5. Chair and candidate proceed across the stage to far ramp stage left (UNLESS you as chair are hooding the next candidate, in which case you should remain at center stage to meet your next candidate).
  6. Candidate exits stage left, down the stairs, and returns to seat and sits down while you as Chair return to your seat, either by walking or circling behind platform party to return to your seat (UNLESS you as chair are hooding another candidate, then you should remain at center stage to meet your next candidate).