The University of San Diego Institute of College Initiatives introduces local, national, and international communities -- especially students and their families -- to the University, and provides academic and support services to assist student achievement.

Letter from the Director

The ideals of American education -- freedom, equality, possibility -- are put into action every day by institutions nationwide. Our real challenge and pride come from successfully shaping educational experiences to the developmental needs of individual students, staying true to standards of academic excellence, and making the most of resources available.

This interaction engages our Institute of College Initiatives staff -- the meeting of personal and academic for each student, whether in middle school, high school, college, or graduate school.

ICI programs highlight science and math for grade school girls -- in the years when research shows that body image and pressures to conform threaten to crowd out academic interests. We invite students to precollege programs, even though they and their families may not yet have committed to a college experience for them. ICI programs are consonant with the mission and goals of USD: academic excellence, providing attention to the individual student, and supporting diversity, with values highlighted throughout.

The staff of University's Institute of College Initiatives believe that the students who participate in our programs are leaders. They deserve all the rights, privileges, abilities, and opportunities that obtaining a degree in higher education provides. They are the future leaders of their communities. With academic support and personal encouragement, there is no doubt that they will achieve. We are pleased wherever they may go to college. We hope that they will remain at USD. We want to educate them at USD, partner in their education, enjoy that precious experience with them, see them become our alumni from the Institute of College Initiatives.